Hello, and welcome to the front!

WSU Sceptics is a university society centred around the need for combating the ever increasing spread of misinformation on so-called gendered and social issues. What this means is our members are engaging those that would try and use inflated or misrepresented statistics and data in a bid to further their own ends.

This site was created with the intention of allowing those interested in the many gendered and societal issues brought forward by activists groups such as men’s rights activists (MRA) and the many feminists groups, to allow you to gain unrestricted access to academic and non-academic resources.
Many times online articles will be published, which briefly mention “one study shows this” and “another study shows that” and have zero sources to show for it! That’s where we come in! Our group (with your help) will actively search for said mentioned studies and or surveys, so you! As an interested party, are free to criticise their research or lack thereof at your convenience.
Many on-line journals can be expensive and depending on your field of interests, may limit your access with mounting subscription fees. Not to worry, our university group has unlimited access to those journals free of charge, all part of the service that comes with being a student nowadays.
We would also like to offer you the ability to request specific studies, surveys or even case law! Just send us an email with as much detail as possible, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
This site will mostly focus on relevant up to date materials within the last 10 years or so, this being that most knowledge tends to accumulate over time, which is used to advance our understanding (hopefully). But don’t worry if you have any requests for older material feel free to ask, not everything gets updated over time and we’ll be more than happy to publish it for you.

If you are interested in learning more about us as a group you can email us directly: wsusceptics@gmail.com

Or you can find us at the following social media sites: