The real gap: fixing the gender pay divide

A gender pay gap exists — just not in the way conventional wisdom holds.

It’s time for a new approach.

For years, we’ve read screaming headlines about the gender pay gap—
that around the world, men are paid an average of 20% more than

But thanks to Korn Ferry Hay Group’s extensive pay database and the
firm’s unique ability to use job evaluations to compare like with like, we
can show that the gender pay gap exists—but not for the reasons that
many might presume.

It is true that, as a demographic group, women get paid less than men.
That’s because they still aren’t getting to the highest-paying jobs,
functions, and industries, while men thrive in all three.
However, our data show that the gender pay gap differs from
conventional wisdom. When we compare pay for men and women—first
by job level; then by job level and company; and finally by job level,
company, and function—the “gap” gets smaller and smaller until it all
but disappears; in other words, a man and a woman doing the same
job, in the same function and company, get paid almost exactly the

Still, organizations are under-using 50% of the workforce. They miss
out on the opportunity to become more innovative, connect better with
customers, and improve their bottom line.
It’s time for a new approach. Organizations, managers, and women
themselves need to share responsibility for removing the “headwinds”
that hold women back. And they need to keep going until the other half
gets in the game.

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